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  • Is there any restriction from QingGu on the genres of the products for advertising?

    QingGu supports any physical or virtual products as long as the products are legal, including online games, discount websites, and group buying websites.

  • Are counterfeits or replicas qualified to be advertised?


  • We are a qualified brand agency. Can we advertise through your system?

    Yes, but please provide us with the qualification certificate of the brand agency.

Create Ad

For the first time users, click on “Create” to generate an advertising.

  • How long should I wait until my ad gets online?

    Please be patient for the screening process in order to get approval for getting online. Normally the process takes 3-5 weekdays. However, the failure to pass the screening, or the inadequate account balance, may result in some delay for the process. The delayed time is not included in the usual count-down.

  • How long should I wait for the system to update my ad after I make adjustments to it?

    3-5 weekdays are required by the system to update information when modification of text or image is made. For other index adjustments, the system will automatically update them within 24 hours.


Fill in the required information, then click “Confirm”.

  • Do I need to provide product image, or, just the text information would be enough?

    You only need to provide text information. Our system will automatically capture product images from the URL you provide, and edit it with template form. However, you are more than welcome to upload product images if you wish to.
    Our system can automatically optimize the illustration combinations for multiple screens: the “image + text” combo will be adjusted according to the screen sizes of phone, Pad, and PC, which provides your potential customers a comfortable and pleasant experience viewing the ad.
    Another advantage of automatic capturing is that this technology can ensure the accordance between display images on the ad and the images on the product landing page, in order to improve customer retention.

  • Is there anything about the landing page that I should pay particular attention to?

    The advertised product/service on the landing page should be consistent with the text on the ad.
    Besides, the URL link should be not leading to any website that violates any law or regulation. No relevance to any prohibited product/service is allowed.

Ad management

Activity State:
Switch to the “Active” mode to enable the ad to get online; Switch to “Inactive” mode to make the ad offline.

Click on “Edit” at the end of each ad to edit the ad.

Click on “Copy” to copy the ad and enter the editing page. The new ad will be shown on top of the list.

Click on “Delete” to delete an ad.

Performance Information

You will find the result under “Performance”. You can also download the results in CSV form there.

  • Why the session number calculated by GA is different with the click rate shown on QingGu system?

    It is normal to have this difference, since QingGu and GA applied different calculating methods. Click rate increases every time someone clicks on it; while session number requires the webpage to be fully loaded. Therefore, under the circumstances where the page does not respond after a click, the session number does not change while the click rate does. In addition, the calculating methods are also different in terms of repetitive visiting.

  • How do I know how much of the flow comes from your system?

    If you are selling products through your own websites, you can add tracking codes to collect the statistics. For selling product on platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay, and Wish, since they do not allow access to the data, you can only compare the sales before and after using QingGu.

Account Management

You can see the ad results, deposit, account balance, total cost and daily cost here.
You can deposit money through Alipay online.

  • How much is the minimum deposit money, and administration fee?

    We set no limitation to the minimum amount of deposit. You are only charged according to CPC.
    The system will send an email to inform you when the account balance is relatively low. When the account balance is lower than daily budget, your ad will be paused automatically by the system until the account balance is refilled.
    We charge no administration fee, no account fee.

  • How is daily cost charged?

    We use GMT-00 standard time to calculate. To guarantee its authenticity, the cost calculation will be delayed for 28 hours. For example, you could only check the cost history at 4 a.m. on Jan 3, when the actual cost happened on 0 a. m. Jan 1.

  • How do I deposit money? Can I do it online?

    You can use Alipay, or contact us directly.

Ad Display

Pure text ad, mixed ad.